SKY Slow broadband ??

Sky WiFi slow?

Sky Slow Broadband??

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CommsMaster are Ex BT specialist Telephone and Broadband engineers, over 40 years experience in the Telecommunications business, we are highly qualified and are number 1 in the U.K for customer service reviews.

Based from North London, and covering surrounding areas, If your tired of being fobbed off by call centre staff reading their scripted text, call us on 0800 0126207 we can help!

Additional wireless points installed, WiFi 'cold spots' can be a frustrating problem, usually caused because your Router is poorly positioned, or signal strength insufficient to cover the size of the property.

Huge savings compared to National service providers, much faster too....

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Slow broadband is probably one of the most frustrating issues that todays high tech families face, customers often jump ship from one company to another in the hope of resolving, but what if the problem is within your property?

Latest incorporated filtered ‘Master Socket’ provides the best stable broadband.

X Box, PS4? crashing? wired category 5/6 is always the better option, same too for Home Office, alternatively ‘Mesh WiFi’ is also a solution.

Some examples available below, please note there are several companies that offer ‘Mesh WiFi’ we aren’t recommending any particular make, just highlighting whats out there.




Old wiring, outdated sockets, aged filters, overloaded wiring? These are a few examples that can reduce your broadband download and upload speed.

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Sky broadband is one of the country’s major Internet Service Providers (I.S.P) however as with all the major players B.T, TalkTalk (Except VirginMedia) etc they all use the Openreach network. Firstly its important to determine whether your Sky Slow Broadband¬†is your or the I.S.P responsibility, test at the master socket ‘test port’, if this is now significantly better and your service has dramatically improved, now is the time to give us a call, we can diagnose and rectify the fault.

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Sky slow broadband?

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