Many telephone system PBX’s can be supported, below are some examples of systems we can repair;

  • BT Norstar Meridian System Compact 6+16 (6 analogue lines, 16 extensions max, (check umbilical between MDF and CCU whether 8 or 16 extns)
  • BT Norstar Meridian System Compact Plus (8 lines either ISDN or analogue 16 extensions, max 24 with clocking card added)
  • BT Norstar Meridian System Modular (8 lines analogue 24 extensions, add on units available, clocking card)
  • Panasonic System KXTD, TDA, DBS and most other Panasonic systems
  • Mitel System SX2000 (Redundant or non redundant)
  • Mitel Imagination (Digital extensions, share same bus per digital pair of phones)
  • Avaya Index (No longer supported by Avaya but still supported by Commsmaster, password required)
  • BT Versatility (Very flexible pbx, ISDN 30, ISDN 2, Analogue lines, digital or analogue extensions, Auto attendent, VM, DDI mapping etc, no longer supported by BT)
  • BT Revelation
  • BT Inspiration
  • BT Legacy systems
  • Pentara
  • Octara
  • Pathway
  • Renown
  • Orchid

Call us on 0800 0126207 or 07531 949110 for help

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