We still service and maintain the following telephone systems;


BT Norstar Meridian System Compact 6+16 (6 analogue lines, 16 extensions max, (check umbilical between MDF and CCU whether 8 or 16 extns)

BT Norstar Meridian System Compact Plus (8 lines either ISDN or analogue 16 extensions, max 24 with clocking card added)

BT Norstar Meridian System Modular (8 lines analogue 24 extensions, add on units available, clocking card)

Panasonic System KXTD, TDA, DBS and most other Panasonic systems

Mitel System SX2000 (Redundant or non redundant)

Mitel Imagination (Digital extensions, share same bus per digital pair of phones)

Avaya Index (No longer supported by Avaya but still supported by Commsmaster, password required)

BT Versatility (Very flexible pbx, ISDN 30, ISDN 2, Analogue lines, digital or analogue extensions, Auto attendent, VM, DDI mapping etc, no longer supported by BT)

BT Revelation

BT Inspiration

BT Legacy systems






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