If you are currently suffering problems with SLOW broadband, there are a number of things you can try before spending money on a callout, the obvious things to check are as follow;

Ensure that the Router is placed in the MASTER socket

Place the Router in the ‘Test Port’ of your Master socket to check the best speed, this will be directly on the Openreach network

Try replacing the MICRO Filter

Move the position of the Router, especially if electrical equipment e.g TV’s are masking the signal, or if its position is obstructed by solid walls, other electrical appliances such as transformers, lights or magnetic fields can affect WiFi

Check to see if you have a working phone line with dial tone (does not apply if with VirginMedia)

Call your ISP to run line tests and router stats, sometimes they can re profile the line to increase your speed

Reboot the Router, also you could have an old type that your provider is able to update and replace.

If none of the above work, we can help, call us on 07531 949110 and for a competitive quote, we can install and test the best quality wiring and filtered sockets for maximum quality releiable broadband.

Best Internet Wi-Fi Routers

Technical Support can be given on 07531 949110 or for a below National Service Providers callout, we can resolve all Telephone and Broadband related issues.

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